In addition to patient care and education, scientific research is also carried out at the Orthopedics department of the UMCG.

Scientific research in the Orthopedics department is divided into two lines:

Fundamental research

The fundamental research is part of the research program of the Kolff Institute of the UMCG. We carry out research in the field of biomaterial-related infections and the development of infection-resistant coatings. In addition, research is being developed in the field of repair of joint damage and prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. The aim is to find ways to stimulate the 'limited' regeneration capacity of articular cartilage while at the same time preventing further damage by means of adapted loading of the joint in question.

Orthopedic surgery and determinants of movement behavior

This research is part of the Public Health and Health Services Research (PHR) program of the SHARE research school of the UMCG. In this line, the emphasis is on scientific research that is aimed at influencing and measuring the recovery of movement in relation to orthopedics. interventions. Among other things, research is being done into the application of computer-navigated surgery, rehabilitation programs and the development of new methods to measure movement and recovery of movement