Data Science Center in Health

We connect experts in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We are DASH. Facility
DASH is the Data Science Center in Health of the UMCG. We are a knowledge hub, community and facilitator in the area of health data science. DASH aims to advance data science in health by supporting innovative research projects and by bringing experts in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence together.

At DASH we help researchers like you to overcome major challenges in data science and research IT facilities. Problems for instance that emerge during innovative research for which we provide solutions that push the boundaries of what is currently possible.

We also help you to conquer ethical, legal, or societal challenges (ELSI) you will meet when you perform groundbreaking data intensive research, link datasets, develop and implement advanced methods of data analysis, come up with next level IT solutions, or find partners.

We offer

  • Once a year you can apply for a DASH project and thereby get dedicated support from the DASH team for getting your research project started. DASH projects are open to UMCG-researchers, working in (pre)clinical UMCG departments, who perform promising research that involves challenges regarding (big or complex) data, research IT or data science. The two winning projects will receive support in hours from DASH employees and / or a contribution for special support or resources.

  • We support educational activities, such as the minor ‘Data Wise’ at the University of Groningen, and courses on AI. We work together with various initiatives, such as AiMED, to support AI matters and exchange information. In addition, DASH is organizing the new Summer School 'Data Science and AI in Health'. To share knowledge about data science, we post online mini-lectures on our Youtube account, in which experts tell you more about specific relevant topics, cases or developments in this field.

  • We facilitate the whole UMCG community with machine learning matters and research projects. We come together in biweekly meetings to share knowledge and to help advance projects in Machine Learning. DASH is also involved in the implementation of the Machine Learning Canvas as an intake for new projects. 

  • We connect the data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning community by, for example, organizing the DASH Sparkle Events and the biweekly Machine Learning Lab meetings. 

  • We register reseachers’ needs, challenges, bottlenecks and other input regarding data science, and develop solutions.

  • We provide financial support for the selected DASH projects and advice on funding opportunities.

  • Communication: We contribute to various outreach activities, for example the AI exhibition in FORUM Groningen, and networking as part of the Data Federation Hub.

  • We start pilot projects with public and/or private partners, in close collaboration with the Center for Development and Innovation (CDI).


Visiting adress

Data Science Center in Health (DASH)
Bloemsingel 1
9713 BZ Groningen​​